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How Disability Achievement Center Differs From Other Service Organizations?

There are many different types of organizations which serve people with disabilities– state vocational rehabilitation agencies, group homes, rehabilitation hospitals, sheltered workshops, nursing homes, senior centers, home health care agencies and so forth.  These organizations provide valuable services and are important links in the network of services that help people with disabilities maintain independent lifestyles.

What makes Disability Achievement Center very different from many of the other organizations is that it has substantial involvement of people with disabilities making policy decisions and delivering services.

The Disability Achievement Center Board of Directors is made up of experienced leaders. Several have been with the organization since its creation in 1992 and helped build it from nothing. Others have joined in the last few years bringing new ideas and enthusiasm to this evolving consumer directed Center for Independent Living.


Disability Achievement Center is an extraordinary organization like all centers for independent living. It is run by people with disabilities who themselves have been successful in establishing independent lives.  These employee team members have both the training and the personal experience to know what is needed to live independently.  They have deep commitment to assisting other people with disabilities in becoming more independent and achieving the personal goals they have set for themselves.

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Fortunately, people with disabilities don't have to do it all on their own.  The purpose of the Disability Achievement Center is to support the kinds of programs, services and activities which are designed  specifically to assist people with disabilities in achieving and  maintaining an independent lifestyle.