DAC Partners with FAAST To Provide More Services

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Disability Achievement Center (DAC) partners with the Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology (FAAST), serving as one of five Regional Reuse Centers across Florida.  FAAST provide funding to DAC for the purpose of Repairing, recycling, refurbishing, & Reassigning assistive technology (AT) to Floridians.  This means that these devices can be used by people in need, rather than be sent to a landfill where their usefulness is wasted and perfectly aligns with DAC’s Medical Equipment Recycling Program (MERP).  DAC lists available assistive technology (AT) on the FAAST Assistive Technology Exchange (http://faast.org/listings/) which is an online classifieds system. This exchange is available to all individuals who are looking for some form of AT.  The AT Exchange includes items from categories such as:

    Aids of Daily Living                                                           Computers & Peripherals

    Personal Care                                                                   Ambulation & Positioning

    Hearing                                                                            Recreation

    Vision                                                                               Communication

    Home Adaptations                                                          Scooters

    Wheelchairs                                                                       Any tool to help!

FAAST also offers Information and Assistance on AT, funding, and available services, a “Try Before You Buy” AT loan program, device demonstrations, and training.  You can find FAAST at https://faast.org/ and reach them at info@faastinc.org or call 1-844-FL-FAAST (1-844-353-2278).  As always, you can reach out to us here at Disability Achievement Centers with your questions at info@mydacil.org or call 727-539-7550. 

We look forward to helping you overcome barriers you face!

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