DAC Needs Your Help!

Disability Achievement Center is able to provide equipment and make minor home modifications at no cost to consumers thanks to our generous funders and donors.  Without grant awards, we would not be able to make such a difference for persons with disabilities.  Funders often look at the track record of a non profit they are interested in funding.  Great Nonprofits is one of those sites that funder look to find a nonprofit’s track record.  Please take a few minutes to review us using the link below.. it could mean the difference in being awarded a grant and not.  Thank you in advance!


FL Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring Awards Grant

Disability Achievement Center has been awarded a $7500 grant by Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring for our Consumer Equipment & Modification Assistance (CEMA) Program!  We look forward to assisting more people with disabilities in Pasco County improve their independence by providing the necessary durable medical equipment and/or making minor home modifications that they could not otherwise afford.  Thank you Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring!