DAC & FAAST Partner to Bring More Technology to Floridians with Disabilities!

Disability Achievement Center (DAC) partners with the Florida Association for Assistive Services and Technologies (FAAST) as a Regional Reuse Center to provide and obtain items that improve the lives of people living with disabilities.

FAAST is administered through the FL Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and is federally funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as amended in 2004 (P.L. 108-364).  Its mission is to improve the quality of life for all Floridians with disabilities through advocacy and awareness activities that increase access to and acquisition of assistive services and technology.

As a Regional Reuse Center, we accept used assistive technology devices, clean and sanitize, then repair, or refurbish the devices so that they can help someone else.  Our ability to repair, refurbish, & recycle Assistive Technology means that these devices can be used by people in need, rather than be sent to a landfill where their usefulness is wasted. FAAST provides funding so DAC can repair AT such as walkers, wheelchairs, and other low-tech items. Tire and battery replacements on power chairs are common, as well as refurbishing worn out armrests and hand grips. These activities can be done for your equipment as well as equipment you donate. We post available items on the Assistive Technology Exchange website (https://faast.org/listings/) and open the doors of technology to people with disabilities statewide.  Simply call the Center on the listing to obtain free or low cost items needed.

What do you need help with? Call us at 727-539-7550.

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