Disability Achievement Center Highlights Partnership with FAAST

Disability Achievement Center has many partnerships that support our efforts to keep people with disabilities living as safely and independently as possible. One of these partnerships is with FAAST, that Florida Alliance for Assistive Services & Technology. DAC serves as a Regional Reuse Center, bringing this statewide organization to Pinellas and Pasco.

So, who is FAAST?

FAAST is the state of Florida’s assistive technology program. Assistive technology activities provided by FAAST include device loans, device demonstrations, device reutilization, device trainings, information and assistance, and a statewide financing program. FAAST serves Floridians who have disabilities and their family members, service providers, educators, therapists, employers, health and rehabilitation professionals, assistive technology vendors, procurement officials, and all other interested parties throughout the state of Florida.

Florida Alliance for Assistive Services & Technology, Inc. is a nonprofit organization focused on enhancing inclusion for Floridians with disabilities of all ages through collaboration and empowerment. By creating a collaborative environment for individuals with disabilities, their families, educators, government officials, and other community stakeholders, we enhance the community for us all.

There are so many options available in today’s world that often we don’t know where to begin. FAAST offers a pathway to solutions. Reach us at 727-539-7550 or info@mydacil.org to learn more!

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