Disability Achievement Center Launches New Hotel Housekeeping Occupational Skill Training Program

In an effort to reduce the high unemployment rate for persons with disabilities, Disability Achievement Center is focusing on the region’s largest economic driver – tourism, to provide career opportunities.  The Florida legislature recognized the potential of this program and provided startup funding.  Part of the Center was transformed into a hotel suite to enable realistic hands-on training.  And, an Industry Advisory Committee was formed to provide curriculum input to ensure the most accurate information and procedures are delivered.

The Program is flexible with revolving enrollment and is self-paced to meet individual learning styles.  When the student has mastered the curriculum tasks, they will progress to an internship, and employment.

Disability Achievement Center is a nonprofit Center for Independent Living located at 12552 Belcher Rd. S., Largo, FL 33773, whose mission is to assist persons with disabilities in Pinellas and Pasco Counties, regardless of age or disability, to gain or maintain independence.

Open House events are scheduled for Friday afternoons between 1pm – 4pm in May & June.  Tours will take approximately 30 minutes and staff will be available to answer any questions.  All are welcome!

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