Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring Presents DAC with Grant Award

FMC presents DAC w/ grant award

This morning Disability Achievement Center received a visit from Angela Pottinger with Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring. Angela brought a $10,000 grant award that will support our CEMA Program in Pasco County! CEMA stands for Consumer Equipment & Modification Assistance, which in layman terms is our program that provides durable medical equipment & assistive technology, as well as grab bar & ramp installation to keep individuals with disabilities safe and independent. It is our most requested service and last year we delivered 254 pieces of equipment, 109 pieces of alerting equipment for the deaf, made 149 home modifications, and installed 27 ramps! This generous grant from Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring will help individuals with disabilities in Pasco County to remain independent and a part of their communities. Thank you FMC Foundation of Caring!