Home Modification

Independent Living Program

The INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAM provides grants to low income individuals to fund home improvements such as wheelchair ramps, railings, bathroom grab bars and other special equipment to enhance the lives of residents who are physically disabled.

For purposes of this program, "Physically Disabled," means having a permanent physical impairment or and/or the loss of one or more life functions resulting in mobility impairment or requiring the use of prosthetic equipment, walkers or wheelchairs.

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Grants for Home Modifications

This guide is designed to provide information on many of the available grants to improve your quality of life at home. You will find grants that are intended for all kinds of recipients, whether your disability is one you were born with or the result of a previous medical condition. You will find information on nationwide and state specific programs, as well as suggestions on what modifications may be the most rewarding for you.

16 Resources for Homeowners with Disabilities.

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