Hotel Housekeeping Training

Hotel bed with orange pillows and rolled towels

Disability Achievement Center offers a Hotel Housekeeping Training Program that will provide you with the skills necessary to obtain full-time employment that can offer a stable fulfilling career.

The curriculum is self-paced, so you learn at your own pace without pressure.  Once you complete the training, you will test your skills during an internship at a local hotel, and if successful, on to a full-time position!

As your Center for Independent Living, Independent Living Skills and Pre-Employment Skills training are incorporated into the curriculum to provide practical support to ensure your success!

This Comprehensive Hotel/Motel Housekeeping Skills Training Pilot Project is designed to remove many of the most common barriers to success faced by individuals with disabilities entering the workforce. It includes training in requisite social and life management skills as well as job-specific occupational skills. It includes practical skills such as navigating public transportation systems, learning personal financial management, resume writing, dressing for success and other prerequisites of basic societal functioning widely taught to students without disabilities.


A Hotel/Motel Community Advisory Committee will meet quarterly and serve a threefold purpose:

 ·         Advise the program of hotel/motel industry standard changes, including equipment used in the industry and assist with program updates to enhance transition from education into industry.

·         Provide internships where students individually will be evaluated by a real life supervisor for performance weaknesses requiring attention before program completion/graduation. This ensures job readiness and impacts employment longevity.

·         Enhance program graduate placement.


Including but not limited to:

Pre-Employment Skills Training includes:

·        Module 1 – Resume writing and Job development

·        Module 2 – Completing a job application/ Finding and completing a Job Application online

·        Module 3 – Interviewing skills and employer contacts

·       Module 4 – Personal work interactions and handling conflict

·        Module 5 – Navigating the community

·        Module 6 – Dressing for success and grooming

 Self – Advocacy Skills Training

·  Self-Awareness Profile

·   Learning Style Inventory

·    Understanding Your Rights

·     Setting Smart Goals

·      Learning to Self-Advocate

 Occupational Skills Training

·        Room cleaning (vacuum/dust/spills, etc.)

·        Clear rubbish

·        Make beds/turn mattresses

·        Replenish supplies

·        Put away guest belongings, Tidying up

·        Rest Room cleaning

·        Laundry Service

·        Key use and control

·        Efficiency/time management/organization

 Life Skills Training to Assure Employment Success includes:

·        Module 1 – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

·        Module 2 – Maintaining a socially appropriate wardrobe

·        Module 3 – Assuring housing continuity

·        Module 4 – Assuring personal economic stability

·        Module 5 – Travel and transportation

·        Module 6 – Assuring appropriate behavior in work and social settings