If You Ever Wondered How We Help People, Read This!


                      We can’t thank Vickie, and The Disability Achievement Center enough, for giving me my mobility, and life back, that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

They provided me with the Pride Jet 3 Ultra Power Chair, eliminating my wife, Marsha’s, and my concern, about me having a high falling risk, while she physically assists me (my cane, on my right, and Marsha, on my left), to get up from my recliner, stand for only a few minutes, and walk only a few feet. The chair allows me to go into places together with her, so she can assist me if I have a medical issue.

I suffer from: vertigo; neuropathy; fibromyalgia; seizures; violent involuntary limb jerking; COPD; and sciatica, just to name a few. Even with physical assistance, I can’t stand for more than a few minutes, or walk more than a few steps, without a high risk of falling. Using the power chair eliminates the falling risk. 

Vickie, and the Disability Achievement Center, have provided me with a power chair, giving me new mobility, and life, I otherwise wouldn’t have. 

Marsha, and I can go shopping together again, in whatever store, for whatever we’re shopping for. I can ride into the dog park, and watch Marsha walking our 2 adorable Yorkie/Chihuahua mixes, and watching them play. 

We can keep in touch by phone in the store, while shopping separately for different items. I can ride my power chair, and buy gifts for the woman I love, for special occasions. 

I can ride inside, and outside, without worrying about falling. I can ride inside from room to room, turning movies, and the TV, on and off. I can turn music on and off. I can also get myself something to eat and drink. I can ride around outside enjoying the weather, and nature, or just sitting. 

Marsha, and I are, and will continue to enjoy my new mobility, and life that Vickie, and the Disability Achievement Center have given me, by providing me with the Pride Jet 3 Ultra Power Chair.

To those who are funding the Disability Achievement Center, you must provide as much funding as possible, so they can do for so many others, what they’ve done for me, and us.

Sincerely Marc H. and Marsha

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