JP-PAS Testimonial

“I am a fifty-year-old Puerto Rican man with cerebral palsy that grew up in the South Bronx, New York and later moved to Florida in 2006. At that time my girlfriend had been providing my personal care until her own disabilities prevented her from caring for me. It was a life-changing experience when I was introduced to FACIL and the JPPAS Program. I have been on the program for twelve years and just celebrated twenty-four years with the company I am employed with. I would like everyone to know that without the support and guidance of this awesome program, I would have had to move back up north close to my family. This program has given me the support that I need to maintain my employment and have full control of my life. I employ my own personal care attendant, am totally independent and am proud to be a productive disabled citizen in society. I look forward to working for many more years thanks to the JPPAS Program.”

The JP-PAS Program gives you the financial support you need to be competitively employed. If you or someone you know needs this boost to elevate employment, give us a call at 727-539-7550 or email us at We’d love to see you succeed!

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