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Passion for Pasco’s

Community Services Expo

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Passion for Pasco is a new group started by one long-time resident wanting to see people getting information/assistance. We have previously met for two meetings with mainly agencies and government reps involved. I was asked at the last meeting by a rep to do something that would bring in Pasco County residents seeking information or assistance. This suggestion lead to our first expo. Our focus is not just seniors, please understand there are people in every age group dealing with chronic conditions and other issues.  I sent an email asking what agencies were coming. Some of the people that reached out today missed being on the flyer because they didn’t respond. Please respond in the future to be included. WE(I) do not have a budget so everyone must reach out to their connections to make this a success. I did set up an event on Facebook and put the info on the group Facebook page. Please always share your ideas. The brochure from the first meeting was developed when Sgt. Thomas asked for it. The expo is from another person’s request. It is our group. Please thank Julia from Disability Achievement for creating the flyer.

  • Each agency or rep will be allowed to set up on a small table or 2. Sorry space is limited. The tables here are small. Display space off of the table cannot happen this time given our space restrictions/safety concerns.
  • We ask that everyone support the Oasis. They do not charge us but expect to have food/beverages sales. That would be the fee to attend/have a table-your food/beverage purchase. No other charge for the table.
  • People will be able to come and go. It will not be a meeting setting. Please have not only information but a way to start the process should someone need assistance.
  • It will be indoors. Please do not set up outside the Oasis Coffee Shop.
  • Someone asked about door prizes. I don’t have a position either way at this time. My main goal is that hopefully someone will receive information about something that would improve their quality of life.
  • Please share with agencies, partners and your contacts. Information needs to be given to the right people for them to attend. I am limiting our tables to 15. Just to allow for the residents and other customers to be able to get around especially those in wheelchairs.
  • As of now I have reservations from– Disability Achievement, Sgt. Thomas, Sunrise-Domestic and Sexual Violence Center, Gulfside Hospice/Palliative Care, Home Care Now, Pasco County Transportation, West Pasco Habitat for Humanity


One thought on “Passion for Pasco Community Services Expo

  1. Thank God for the Oasis Coffee Shop! The Disability Achievement Center is a true blessing to us all.

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