Senior Citizens Services Inc. Funds DAC Program

Try as we may, we simply could not help as many people with disabilities stay safely independent as possible without the support of organizations like Senior Citizens Services, Inc. The mission of the Senior Citizens Services fund is to give help and guidance to those citizens residing in Pinellas County who are aged 55 or older by making charitable contributions to qualified charitable organizations and governmental entities which provide help and guidance to those citizens.

Disability Achievement Center’s CEMA (Consumer Equipment and Modification Assistance) Program provides durable medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, Hoyer lifts, shower chairs, commodes, etc.) and installs grab bars, handrails, & recyclable aluminum ramps for people with disabilities who cannot afford these independence granting items.

Helping people with disabilities, especially seniors, stay safe and independent benefits not only the recipients and their families, but society as a whole. Independent living enables individuals to contribute to their communities and ultimately saves taxpayer dollars from premature institutionalization.

Thanks to Senior Citizens Services grants, Disability Achievement Center helped 31 seniors with disabilities with 51 pieces of equipment last year and will focus on installing ramps in the upcoming year! Thank you Senior Citizens Services Inc. for your support!

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