Staff met with Mrs. Mary after Thanksgiving. She owns a small tiny single wide trailer that is neat and just perfect for her. She has an even tinier bathroom and it was very difficult for her to be able to get into the tub to shower. Staff had to think outside of the box due to the tiny size of the tub / shower area. Staff met with Mrs. Mary again in January after obtaining a small shower chair that might work for her. After adjusting the legs and some maneuvering it became a small transfer bench that was perfect. I had her try it out and she was ecstatic as she was now going to be able to shower independently. She was proud to announce that even though she just turned 90 the day after Christmas that she is still celebrating her birthday with various individuals/groups in the community when staff met with her in mid-January. She refuses to slow down and is a spunky young woman at heart!

-Mary R