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Prosthetic Upcycling Program


Donate to the Prosthetic Upcycling Program 

Disability Achievement Center has learned that only 30% of amputees use a prosthetic.  When a prosthetic doesn’t fit or work properly, those living with amputations become sedentary and incur additional medical conditions that contribute to a decline in quality of life.  A decline in quality of life includes weight gain, depression, increased medical expenses, and even additional amputations.  According the Amputee Coalition, there are 1.9 million people with limb loss in the US and another 185,000 incurring amputations annually, mainly due to diabetes and vascular disease.

We’ve researched the options and there is no organization that recycles prosthetics!  Where the cost of a full prosthetic varies wildly ($3,000-$70,000), the customization is at the point of contact with the body.  Using this knowledge, we identified the most common items to achieve a proper socket fit and vendors willing to work within our parameters.

Disability Achievement Center is accepting used limbs with the intent to launch a program to provide properly fitting and functioning prosthetic sockets along with major components and necessary follow-up visits for amputees who lack coverage and cannot afford out-of-pocket expenses with the goal of improving the person’s quality of life and improving their independence. 

You can help us by spreading the word that we are accepting the following prosthetic items

  • Prosthetic knees

  • Prosthetic feet

  • Prosthetic elbows

  • Prosthetic hands

  • Prosthetic liners (new)

  • Prosthetic socks (new)

These are the major components necessary for prosthetic limbs, covering both lower limb and upper limb needs. Each item plays a vital role in enhancing mobility, functionality, and quality of life for individuals with limb loss.

For those who wish to participate in the Prosthetic Upcycling Program, we’ve created a Prosthetic Device and Supplies Request Form to complete in order to be placed on our waitlist:

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