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Success Stories

How We're Helping

man in blue shirt in wheelchair giving the thumbs up signal

In Jordyn's Own Words

"I can’t thank you enough! The chair is a perfect fit and my legs sit at an angle that doesn’t give me pain! It was such a surprise when they called to deliver the chair. I can’t wait to go to work tonight. Opening the doors will be easier and I should be able to sit closer to the tables to reach things! I have more room in my kitchen to maneuver now and angle myself so I can reach the stove easily. Also, the brakes are perfect. When my arm goes out and it slips, it won’t hit the break causing a sudden stop or worse. These brakes you have to pull towards you so this is much better. I have had a rough few months, but this chair will help me maintain my employment and get around my appointment and those things are very important to me. Thank you so much! I will stop by when I am not working the overnight shift!" ---Jordyn

A Simple Ramp Can Make a Difference

A 66-year old former self-employed contractor who suddenly had to stop working in his company installing floors March of 2017 from a near tragic fall head first into a large trash can resulting in a spinal cord injury. Disability Achievement Center helped to install a ramp in his front entrance in the home he owns with his wife. This family has been giving back to the community by bringing Bruno, their service animal into nursing homes and rehab centers in Pasco County giving a little joy to the residents of these homes. Never did they dreamt that Bruno would also help Mr. Toniutti during his long stay at Rehab. He is using a power wheelchair and rollator walker. His wife, who is 5 ft tall, has severe asthma and it was very, very difficult for her to be able to provide physical assistance to her 6 ft. tall husband. This small ramp has made a huge difference in Mr. Toniutti’s life in helping him be able to continue to access his own home and continue to be a part of the community.

man with neck brace in wheelchair with his assistive service dog in his lap
young woman in gold prom dress with necklace on

Congratulations Christine!

On July 26, 2018, Tricia, Christine’s mom, contacted DAC on behalf of her daughter. She shared that Christine had just moved back from New York and unfortunately had to leave all of Christine's equipment except a manual wheelchair behind. Christine, age 21, was scheduled to start school at St. Petersburg College in August and with her cerebral palsy, it is difficult for Christine to navigate the hallways and move independently on campus. A power wheelchair was identified from our Medical Equipment and Recycling Program and FAAST dollars were used to evaluate and replace batteries. Christine received her independent mobility device on July 30, 2018. Christine started volunteering at Disability Achievement Center on August 17, 2018 as a Front Desk Volunteer. She always greets people with a cheerful smile and answers the phone with a pleasant voice. We are very proud to share the news that Christine was recently crowned Miss Wheelchair Florida 2019. In addition, she was also named Miss Congeniality of the pageant. CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINE!!!!

woman walking with a cane and smiling

Helping People Live With Dignity

Michelle is a 52 yo woman living in her own home. She suffered multiple strokes in a very short time in 2016, which impaired her mobility. Michelle had been using a manual wheelchair and recently decided she was strong enough to get out of the wheelchair and start using a quad cane. DAC was able to provide Michelle with the quad cane which is helping her to continue her journey back to full independence. When she came in to pick up the cane she presents as positive, grateful, and joyous.

Toileting Without Fear

56-year old woman who is just shy of 6 feet tall and uses a rollator walker for all her mobility needs. She was in desperate need of a commode and a reacher. Disability Achievement Center came to her aid and was able to deliver a FAAST/MERP commode and a MERP reacher. She was simply over-joyed at being able to finally overcome her fear of falling as she is unsteady on her feet due to complications from both rheumatoid arthritis and osteo-arthritis.

woman in a red shirt sitting in a wheelchair outside her apartment
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