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Becky Holm

Independent Living Facilitator

Becky Holm

Becky's journey is one of dedication and compassion. Originally from Massachusetts, she has made Pinellas County her home, dedicating herself to her family and community. After witnessing the challenges faced by loved ones with disabilities or severe illnesses, Becky felt called to make a difference in this area.

She embarked on a new chapter by rebranding herself and pursuing higher education. She earned her degree at St. Petersburg College before transferring to the University of Central Florida to study Sociology, aligning her education with her passion for helping others.

Becky's commitment to service is evident in her extensive volunteer work, including supporting her daughter's education and contributing to organizations like Wounded Warriors Abilities Ranch. Her involvement in marketing their mission and reaching out to local businesses demonstrates her proactive approach to community engagement.

Now, as a new member of the Disability Achievement Center (DAC) team, Becky is eager to continue her journey of service. With her heart fully invested in supporting consumers and the community, she brings a wealth of experience and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.

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